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Chapter 22: New York – Papa Wu AKA Freedom: Truth Analyzer, Enforcer

My great-grandfather’s name was Chief Walcott Cuffie, and Manhattan, which used to be called New Amsterdam, was owned by my great-grandfather.

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Get Your Free Gift With The New FRANK Subscription Pack

We’re offering new subscription packs, which come outfitted not only with awesome issues (Chicago, 420, and artist MQ chapters, just to name a few) but also free gifts from the FRANK mercy cave.

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Chapter 27: France - Lascars Museum 

Thuggish, nerdish, indie, club, die hard, or those who keep it fake… La Caution is one of the only groups that all French Hip Hop fans can seem to agree on. However, music is not the topic now.

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Chapter 42: Cuba - A Moment In Time

I originally went to Cuba to shoot photos for a book called East of Havana which was about the Cuban hip-hop scene.

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Chapter 50: Brazil - Work Method

"As artistic practice, I've been applying a work method for 15 years: 1. I have an idea: I reproduce my studio. 2. I don't have any ideas: I reproduce my studio. 3. I have another idea: I reproduce my studio."

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Chapter 38: Surf - OG Surf

An original big-wave charger, influential board builder, and surf-inspired textile innovator, Walter’s contribution to surf culture cannot be overstated.

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Interview: Revolution and Streetwear with Mustafa Comrade 

Streetwear with a social conscience has been absent in trends recently, but creative director Mustafa Comrade is a man on a mission to prove otherwise.

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KBSkys: The Forgotten Writers  

My friend Sherlen Archibald invited me to a workshop discussion panel called Write of Passage, examining the history, evolution, and impact of American graffiti on global culture.

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Chapter 21: Italian - Flavor Flav 

From everyone’s favorite hype man to Italian tourist, Flavor Flav always manages to stand out.  Yeah, you know what time it is, boyyyeee! 

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