Street Talk: Barbershop Etiquette with Rosewood Cutters

We’ve had site contributors and collaborators, editorial interns and writers, but for the first time ever we’re featuring our first video columnist. Already a YouTube notable, JJ Anderson is our first ever on-the-street documentarian, taking footage of some of L.A.’s greatest and wackiest, featuring elements of weed life, street life, and so much more. JJ has worked alongside a variety of personalities like Evander Holyfield, Danny Trejo, and Ronda Rousey and continues to follow her knack in producing, hosting, and editing alongside friend and partner Tito Molina.

This week's 'Street Talk' features Rosewood Cutters team members Francis Sampang, Prince Sampang, and Jon Kimm. Rosewood Cutters owner Francis Sampang started cutting hair out of his basement in New Jersey when he was only 13 years old. After graduating, he made the move to California and began searching for a chair to perfect his skills in. Being young and fresh out of school made it almost impossible for him to be welcomed into a shop. His Grandma, with whom he was living with at the time, took notice of his struggles and suggested that he inquire about a job at his Grandpa's old barbershop in Bellflower, CA. Francis called down there, spoke with the owner and showed up at 5:30AM the next day for an interview.

His time at the first shop allowed him to build his skill set and learn from several OG barbers. When it came time for the owner of the shop to step down, Francis recognized the opportunity that laid before him and stepped up to take over. He began to implement a new marketing technique and brought in fresh talent. Soon enough, he was able to open two more locations in both Buena Park, CA and Los Angeles, CA. Francis' brother Prince and Jon have taken on the responsibility of managing the newly opened LA shop. When asked what's most important at the location, they both responded "customer service." The guys feel that a barbershop is more than just a place to get haircut. To them, it's place where people can come, relax, and feel at home.


Words: JJ Anderson

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