FRANK Friday Music Review: Week 27

We searched high and low, scanning Billboard Top 100, Shazam’s download of the week, iTunes Top 10, and even World Star Hip Hop’s most recent post. We listened to terrestrial radio, and the homeless guy outside our office play air guitar. But for the FRANK Friday Music Review we’ll bring you a short review on the music from the week and then our pick for the weekend party.

Drake is having such an excellent year, don’t you think? Between ending careers, surprise mixtapes, a strongly anticipated album, and making himself a meme, homeboy is in the headlines for a new reason like, every other week. I’m not mad at it, I like Drake. But at the same time, I can’t use this column to fend of my various inferiority complexes about taste and knowledge of cool music if I'm writing about the guy that everyone else is writing about. So with that in mind, let’s explore some of the non-Drake related music news from the past seven days.

First of all, D.R.A.M. dropped an EP today. You could technically classify that as Drake-related news I guess, since both artists sampled/borrowed from the same Timmy Thomas song from 1972 to make certified club bangers. And because D.R.A.M. has been saying on Twitter that he feels like Drake stole from him. I won’t bother weighing in on that topic except to say that Cha ChaLINK5 is a dope fucking song that should’ve been the 2014 Song of the Summer [TM], but the fact that it wasn’t means it isn’t fully played out yet. So add it to your queues this weekend.

Now we come to the FRANK pick of the week: “Grab Her Hand” by Michael Christmas featuring Mac Miller. Christmas just dropped an album of his own today called What a Weird Day. If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Christmas, there’s a lot to like about him. Some of you will recognize him from the song “Michael Cera,” with its repetitive hook: “I think I’m Michael Ceraaaaa.” That number is a pretty good example of the rapper’s music—it’s a laid-back flow with paired-down production and a lot of wit. “Grab Her Hand” is a similar joint on all fronts. The beat features some horn samples and a simple synth line that gives the track perfect vibe for when you’re in the process of turning up to 11 but aren’t quite there yet. This is a full-on drinking a beer and dancing in the shower/first-few-guests-have-arrived-at-your-house-party type of track. Plus, if you listen real closely you’ll get to hear gems like: "She paused, stopped, 'Are you Michael Christmas?'/I told her ‘yeah’/She said "My boyfriend is fan" and she dipped,” which is a beautiful take on the old cliche of rappers using their status to get women in their songs. There’s too much going right with this track to even acknowledge it all, so do yourselves a favor and stream this all weekend.

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