FRANK Friday Music Review: Week 26

We searched high and low, scanning Billboard Top 100, Shazam’s download of the week, iTunes Top 10, and even World Star Hip Hop’s most recent post. We listened to terrestrial radio, and the homeless guy outside our office play air guitar. But for the FRANK Friday Music Review we’ll bring you a short review on the music from the week and then our pick for the weekend party.

If you’re reading this, it’s too late (for me). That’s because, there’s really hardly any music that has come out this week that I could use this space to enlighten you about. Like, if you didn’t already know that Documentary 2.5 dropped today, or if you didn’t see that Ty Dolla $ign’s mixtape Airplane Mode came out this week, I really can’t tell you anything else. Dolla $ign did slip in this DJ Mustard track with an E-40 feature, which, in my estimation automatically makes it worth listening to. It’s kind of your run of the mill club beat to be honest, but the vocal performances from both artists are solid.

This week I made it my mission in life to find a fast-paced selection that maybe you haven’t already heard. “Pressure" by Robb Banks dropped about a month ago, and in my experience, you either fuck with Banks or you sleep on him hard, so this is my pick of the week. Banks does three things as well or better than any other rapper: 1. Punch lines out of left field, 2. Anime references, 3. Bragging about prescription drug abuse (although admittedly, he has some stiff competition on that last point). This track has all three of those things, making it a classic Banks track. Some highlights include: "Laugh when I shoot/Hundreds they blew/Late night with that drum like the mofuckin Roots,” as well as "Invested so much into Fanta, I fucked the Fantana bitch out the commercials/Inside Sasuke, the outside Naruto, a n---- chakra flow Orochimaru/Hiraikotsu with the karma/Who the fuck want it with Madara, bitch.” If you don’t watch Naruto or drink a lot of cough syrup on the weekends it might've flown over your head, but those were some fire bars. A lot of Robb Banks tracks are produced by Nuri, whose beats are really what lends his overall sound an ominous edge. “Pressure” was actually produced by Nick Leon, Zander, and one of my favorite people in hip-hop right now, Father, but the vibe isn’t totally dissimilar to the rest of the Robb Banks catalogue. Bump this track all weekend if you’re planning on getting out and applying some pressure.

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