Special Edition: 420 

Weed History In America

he first 9,900 years of cannabis history were on the one hand, hugely profound and on the other hand, so mundane that it barely garners a mention in history books. Hemp fiber was found at the oldest archaeological sites of Europe and Asia. It was the humble farm crop upon which mighty empires were built. Hemp seed was mentioned in the first and oldest cookbooks. Cannabis was described in the first medical books of China and the Romans. Those two distant civilizations invented paper about a century apart and each used cannabis hemp to do so.

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews is a Colorado-based medical marijuana edible manufacturer that has incredible distribution. What started in 2009 in a Colorado home kitchen, the demand for the company’s edible exploded when people began to realize that the product was easy to dose and very dependable. After winning their first High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011 for their 175mg Deca Dose and following that up with the 2012 Edible Award for their Dabba Mint Chocolate Bar, Cheeba Chews’ products can be found in a wide-range of locations where patients are constantly praising them for their effectiveness in treating multiple conditions.


Ever wish there was a document you could reference when wondering about your favorite weed stats and breakdowns, almost like a weed-Wikipedia of sorts? Look no further, the FRANK Encycloweedia has everything you need, from different strains, to yield numbers, to bud details, and even levels of stickiness. Between indica and sativa there’s a lot to cover, so it’s high time you school yourselves...

Buffy City

Cypress Hill's B-Real – the closest thing pot has to a Michelin guide – reveals his own recipe for a cake that'll get you baked.

First, get whatever kind of brownies you want from the store. The best I’ve tried are Duncan Hines Triple Fudge. Check on the back of the box to make sure that the ingredients call for butter or another type of fat (canola oil, margarine, etc.).

Now get the weed. If you use schwagg, then about 1/2 ounce (de-seeded of course) is perfect. If you use real weed (Sinse). Then you only need about 1/4 ounce is good.

Van Styles

Being based in Cali, it just so happens that the majority of his beautiful subjects are also pot heads, and what could be better than the combination of sticky buds and supple boobs? In honor of our 420 chapter, Van was kind enough to send us an assortment of his favorite sultry stoners from his vast collection of images. Don’t forget to exhale...


Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Augor figured out at an early age that he wanted his life to be immersed in creativity. Inspired by comic books, the artist soon realized he could transform what he saw on the page to something more boundless, like city walls, trains, anywhere. Alongside graffiti is Augor’s passion for weed—at the last Cannabis Cup he smoked a three- foot-long joint and had trouble passing it on. Apart from having his own article in the book, Augor also did the headers for each feature, revealing his truly imaginative, psycho-analytical interpretation of art meeting weed in the forms of joint-shaped S’s, a scarecrow made of buds and leaves, and bongs that spell out FRANK.

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