Chapter 58: FRANK SOSA

Bill Da Butcher's Glo Gallery

Walking into Chief Keef’s home is more like walking into a Chief Keef shrine. The young rapper’s mini-mansion hidden in the more north part of the Los Angeles valley is filled top-to-bottom with portraits, paintings and landscapes all showcasing the rapper—there was once Alexander the Great, and now there is Chief Keef.

Behind every great ruler, is his PR firm, or in this case, Bill the Butcher, the rapper’s nearly in-house fine artist from Southern California who has literally transformed Sosa’s image. Have you met Sosa Montana? 007 Sosa? The United States of GLOmerica?

Sleepless nights and extended days have brought Sosa and Bill the Butcher together to collaborate on over 20 pieces, and without Keef’s curation and Bill’s technique, this book—as well as Keef’s new found purpose—wouldn’t have been possible.

The Fine Art Of Fandom

Among all the intricacies of human dynamics little is quite so complicated or complex as the relationship between an artist and their fans. Fraught with unrealistic expectations and laden with unruly entitlements, each party is so inherently in need of the other it is hardly surprising how a codependency is forged between them. We love fans, and anyone who is intrepid enough to brave putting their self-expression out into the world can only hope to do so with the vague promise of some sort of ratification as only an admiring audience can provide.

Casimir Spaulding Of Colourful Money

Growing up in the Bronx, Casimir Spaudling of ‘Colourful Money’ has been able to distract himself from the trenches of the hood, by honing in on his skills as an artist. Well-known gangster Chief Keef has always admired Cas’ work, not necessarily his absence from the block—but for his designing skills—something he took note of roughly ten years ago when the two met on MySpace.

Casimir has transcended from designing webpages for MySpace to having total design control over his Keef-inspired clothing company ‘Colourful Money’—not to mention Cas is fully responsible for creating each and everyone of those Chief Keef emojis. This book would have no purpose if we didn’t give Cas his own spread, so take a look at what the young creative genius has to show for and how his collaboration with Sosa is purely about making art.

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