Chapter 53: Diamond Life 

Christ Air

In 1985 Christian Hosoi made the cover of Thrasher magazine, holding his first ever Hammerhead board that he had cut himself. One of the top vert skaters at the time, the creator of the Christ Air and Rocket Air seemed to be an unstoppable force. Fast-forward 15 years and things had changed for the stylistic prodigy—a few bad decisions landed Hosoi in prison, but he used the time to reset the course of his life. Hosoi emerged as a born-again Christian, became a pastor, and now in addition to skating, makes time to help others sidestep the mistakes he made.

A person more familiar than most with the legendary skater’s story is childhood friend and actor Max Perlich. The two sat down at Hosoi’s Huntington Beach home to reminisce about old times and talk about things to come.

Muscle Car Chronicles

Spitta, better known as Curren$y, has love for three things: New Orleans (his hometown), music, and cars. The MC has been putting out records for over ten years, and way back when was signed to Master P’s No Limit Records. Since then he’s built himself an empire with Jet Life Recordings, a roster of famous friends he's come up with and collaborated with, plus a catalogue of custom cars to make your head spin...

Nick Before Diamond

To know Diamond today means to understand Diamond back then. One of the main reasons Diamond Supply Co. stands out amongst a sea of streetwear is in part because of its history. Nick Tershay spent his childhood skating, and has brought that mindset and soul into his work today. FRANK151 was lucky enough to catch up with skaters and longtime friends Rick Ibaseta and Jeff Pang, to recount their memories of Nick before Diamond Supply Co. was even a thought.


Born Casandra Ventura, Cassie, is one of the most immediately recognizable female faces in Hip Hop and R&B culture. Sex symbol, fashion icon, singer, model and all around “A” class bad bitch, Cassie makes waves with just about everything she dips her little pinky in. From transitioning herself from modeling and making appearances in artist’s videos to taking voice lessons and developing her own music career under the legendary Bad Boy imprint, it would seem that there’s very little this New England girl can’t accomplish. Due to a chance meeting with Nick Tershay through power 106 DJ Eric Dlux, Nick and Cassie developed a friendship based on mutual respect and admiration that led to one of the most talked about streetwear collaborations of 2012… and there’s even more to come.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross wasn’t the first artist to refer to himself as ‘The Boss”. However, to the current generation of hip hop heads and streetwear enthusiasts, he’s by far the only one that matters. Since his career launched off with the success of his song ‘Hustlin’ and his debut album ‘Port of Miami’, the artist known as ‘Ricky Rozay’ has rigorously magnified and commanded his influence. From forming his Triple C’s group to starting his own Maybach Music Imprint through Atlantic records (securing one of the biggest budgets in rap history), there’s very little question to why he is known as The Boss.

Ross had a chance meeting with Nick Tershay in Los Angeles that’s spawned an interesting friendship and a highly sought after collaboration. With Ross’s Mastermind album dropping at the end of this year, it would be wise to look out for further collaborations between these two moguls.

Ben Baller

What do the 10 Freeway, Snoop Dogg, and the Slauson Swapmeet have in common? Besides all being LA icons, these three city treasures intersect thanks to a single individual: bling king Ben Baller. The luxury jewelry designer has a client list that reads like a red carpet roll call—Paris Hilton, Fat Joe, Nas, and of course Snoop amongst them—who have all requested custom-made pieces ranging from 10 Freeway logos to 7-Up cans.

Inside the Slauson Supermall sits Icee Fresh, Baller’s booth with a reported $5,000,000 worth of inventory stashed inside. Subsequently FRANK151’s on site interview with the jewelry designer was an undercover affair, as not to give would-be robbers any ideas. Under the protection of Slauson security, Ben was able to share with us some of his most outrageous pieces that bring magic to mind.

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