Chapter 51: Leaders 

Fred Wahpepah

In 2009, at the beginning of my sabbatical from the skateboard industry, I started meditating in nature, asking for an Elder to come into my life as a mentor. I also began attending Native American ceremonies. A few months later I was asked to help tend the fire in a tipi at Fred Wahpepah’s birthday ceremony. From there I was attending events hosted by his organization, Seven Circles, more frequently. Almost every weekend I would go to pray and learn from Fred. It didn’t take long for him to became the mentor I’d been seeking. It was an honor to sit down with him and have the following conversation.

Chung King

John King is a lightning bolt of energy. After over three decades in the game, the proprietor of the legendary Chung King Studios shows no signs of slowing down. Speaking quickly with a deserved air of authority, he rifles through topics ranging from chemically stimulated marathon recording sessions to the subtle distinction between rap and hip-hop.

After starting Secret Society Records in 1979, John set up a studio above an old restaurant in Chinatown that became home to many of the rising punk and hip-hop acts of the time. A consummate music head with his finger on the pulse, he soon developed a work / play relationship with Def Jam Records founders Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. Playing the role of engineer, backseat producer, and all-around technical wizard, John shaped the big sound of hip-hop that paved the way for its early commercial success.


OG Bloodsport and GF Guns Murder are living proof that you can find hope in desperate places. Still well respected members of their neighborhood, they’re working to stop the youth from falling into the same cycle of street life and incarceration that swept them up for years.

OG Bloodsport and GF Guns Murder (God Understands Negative Situations / Men Understand Reason, Death Eventually Returns) met at the FRANK151 offices to discuss staying positive in prison, the game of chess, and mediating conflict.

Timothy Wyllie

“Cult” can be a scary word, but not by definition. While some cults have done legitimately frightening things, it’s probably a fear of the unknown that leaves room for so many negative connotations. The same is true for “occult.”

Timothy Wyllie was a prominent member of the Process Church, which at its height could be described as both cult and occult. Inside and outside of the Process, Timothy has dedicated his life to exploring those things that most people find frightening.

Jonathan Mannion

Celebrity is a funny thing. A lot of people still don’t understand that there’s a team behind every Great Person. Most of the supporting cast stay behind the scenes—managing schedules, booking travel, cooking meals—but they’re there, combining efforts to allow that Person to be Great.

Jonathan Mannion has worked for some of the most visible people on the planet in his 20-plus years as a professional photographer. At times he’s been nothing more than a cog in the machine that is Jay-Z, for example, but when you look at his entire body of work, he himself is a Great Person.

Creative director Va$htie Kola talked with Jonathan in his studio about the complexities of celebrity, Cool DJ Johnny M, and photographing Trinidad James’ socks.

Nick Diamond

There’s a saying in Hollywood that goes something like, “It takes ten years to make an overnight star.” The further you dig into other industries, the more that sounds like a universal truth. Someone, or something, might appear to blow up from out of nowhere, but trust that years of blood, sweat, and tears led up to that moment.

Nick Tershay, better known as Nick Diamond, is no exception. His company Diamond Supply Co. has been insanely popular for the last half-decade. Their products include everything from skate hardware to a Dunk collab with Nike, and everyone from Kanye West to Ryan Sheckler reps Diamond. And that wasn’t an accident. Tershay started Diamond in 1998, taking over a decade to build the massively successful brand he now helms.

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