Chapter 49: 13th Witness

13th Witness

Growing up, my son’s years on this planet were filled with funny and friendly activities, resembling scenarios from South Park. Tim was always doing something exciting—creating phony bands with his posse such as “The Y,” reenacting scenes from Jackass, or hand-snatching snakes out the river in France at six years old.

Tim was always in motion: rollerblades, bicycles, hockey, swimming, tennis, fast cars. I think he developed his eye as a young boy being schlepped all around town through the studios of our artist friends. Keith Haring, J. M. Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, Fab Five Freddy…he could identify their work when he was four. And Futura—his dad—loved to survey New York, carrying Tim in a messenger bag on his shoulder as he rode his bike. Life with Tim was breezy and uncomplicated. If I ever questioned anything he would always say, “But Mom, you don’t understand!”

- CC McGurr

Akira Ruiz

Good photographers possess more than technical know-how. Growing up on New York’s Lower East Side, Akira Ruiz developed a unique eye at an early age that later helped set him apart in a crowded field.

Gracefully navigating the worlds of art and commerce, Ruiz has made more than a respectable career for himself over the last decade.

Craig Wetherby

Craig Wetherby was born, raised, and currently resides in NYC. A self-taught photographer, Craig began taking pictures in 1992. With his unique outlook and deep network of personal and professional relationships, he has been able to capture some of the world’s most respected artists, athletes, entertainers, and musicians.

Mel D. Cole

Mel D. Cole hails from Syracuse, NY, but the self-taught lensman has made his home in and around NYC. Cole consistently captures all the City has to offer, from the glamorous to the gritty, making resounding noise internationally. He is a self-proclaimed turkey-burger connoisseur and an avid Buffalo Bills fan.

Raymond Leon Roker

Young-buck bloggers might not realize it, but print was a thriving medium before the advent of the Internet.

Founded in 1990, URB magazine dedicated 150 physical issues to independent music and culture before moving exclusively online. As URB’s co-creator, Raymond Leon Roker has seen the decades-long shift in how content is created and consumed, and remains optimistic about the future. He is also currently exploring the medium of photojournalism.

Zack McTee

Without much formal training, Zack McTee has become a successful and innovative photographer and videographer, producing on both the East and West Coasts.

We spoke with McTee about being a teenage Assistant Editor, collecting on freelance debts, and being broke in LA.

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